Pepsi-Cola Public Relations - Case Study Example

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Pepsi-Cola Public Relations

PR for these largely undifferentiated brands accounts for their market share dominance. PR often has an important role in sustaining brand equity. Long-lived campaigns that presented PepsiCo as the soft drink for the young and those who aspired to be young have helped sustain these brands' position and market share. Moreover, consistently advertising a brand's position serves as a barrier to competitive entry. Relates to what consumers believe about a brand and the category in which it holds membership (Chitty et al 2005). The other type of insight pertains to how consumers use advertising information to make brand decisions. This insight is the basis for planning the advertising function: identifying a target and developing a brand position. In turn, targeting and positioning guide the design of creative and media strategies (Brassington and Pettitt 2003).
Three different publics involved in the case are the government, the consumers and competitors. FDA examined all reported cases but "could see any rational reason for the allergen incidents being reported" (There is a Syringer in my Pepsi Can p. 326). The most problem was general public and potential consumers. Negative publicity influenced its brand image and sales volumes. ...
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Public relations are an effective vehicle in stimulating the growth of many parity products and brand image. Although different brands of peanut butter, detergent, bottled water, analgesics, and cough remedies do not have unique benefits, they often have quite different market shares…
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