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Book Report/Review example - John Cheever's The Country Husband

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Book Report/Review
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John Cheever's The Country Husband was the third in a series of Shady Hill stories that examined the conflict people living in the suburbia might experience in reconciling their thoughts with the life around. In a highly aptly analysis of Cheever's work, Robert A…

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Francis, the leading male character of the story, suddenly finds himself in a situation where despite his efforts he cannot ignore the fact that something is missing in his suburban life. On the whole, it all seems quite right as suburban life might often look but underneath the surface lies a sense of restlessness as if there is a hole in the picture that needs to be filled. after an almost near-tragic experience on the plane, Francis returns home with a heightened sense of his mortality only to find that no one was really interested in that story. This leaves him with a sense of frustration and emptiness which makes him explore life outside his suburban existence.
The reaction of his daughter Helen explains what really the core problem was. Helen, "doesn't understand about the plane crash, because there wasn't a drop of rain in Shady Hill" (Shady Hill, 54). She cannot fathom how her father could have been in an accident when weather was just fine in Shady Hill. This helps us understand what the issue is really. The people in Shady Hill cannot see beyond their own suburban boundaries. They are suffering from middle class complacency that doesn't allow them to see beyond the limited sphere of suburban lives. That obviously limits a person's view of the world and Francis slowly begins to realize it:
"Looking back over the recent history of Shady Hill ...
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