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Finance and Growth Strategies

The results are shown in Table 1.
The internal rate of return is the cost of capital that will equate the present value of future cash flows to zero. In other words, it is the required rate of return which will yield a zero NPV. Thus, equation 1 can be modified such that NPV is replaced by 0. NPV calculations can be done manually but the process is tedious as it requires calculating the NPV by using different values of cost of capital. Another is the use of software like Microsoft Excel to generate a more accurate figure.
The decision whether the project should be accepted or not will be based on the results of the financial and strategic analyses using techniques like NPV and IRR. In using NPV as a tool, the general rule is to accept projects or investments which generates a positive NPV while reject those which yields negative NPV. The result of the NPV has a direct implication on the value of IRR relative to the required rate of return. Accordingly, a project is pursued if the IRR is equal to or higher than the required rate of return. In contrast, a project with a lower IRR than the cost of capital is turned down. It should be noted that a positive NPV is indicative of an IRR which is higher than the required rate of return.
The project considered by Fijisawa, which is ...
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The net present value (NPV) of a project represents the present value of the total cash inflows and outflows. The NPV can be calculated by discounting the cash flows according to the required rate of return. In the case of Fijisawa, NPV is computed as the present value of the future cash inflows less the initial investment…
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