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Reflective Practice In Education

Reflective writing is the narrative mode of analysis of the processes outlined - it explores not only what the experience was, but considers the meaning the writer attached to it at the time and subsequently, and how this meaning is likely to influence action in the future. Thus reflective writing may contribute to continued professional development in a number of ways. The process of writing reflectively may in itself be an important step in an individual's attempt to make sense of her/his practice (Coles, 2002).
In this paper, three reflective writing models namely by Gibbs (1998), David Kolb, and Jenny Moon will be discussed. Throughout the discussion, the elements of these models as well as their pros and cons will be illustrated together. The pros and cons of the different models are set in cases where there is under the supervision and without. In each case setting, pros and cons are in the context for classroom sizes of one, two and many. This is applicable for the models and the best singled out for the healthcare industry.
generalizing and conceptualizing at Stage 3. ...
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Discuss the pros and cons of three reflective writing models, i.e. Gibbs (1998), David Kolb, and Jenny Moon, highlighting why Gibbs is the most appropriate model for students studying NVQ at levels 2and3 in Health and Social Care.
Reflection is the process of using reasoning to connect both current and previous experiences so as to understand and define experience based on our accumulated and synthesized knowledge…
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