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Crisis Management Paper

An important question faced by governments and democracies is whether this change from crisis management as the politics of exception to crisis management as part of regular politics may require different political arrangements: in the relation between the executive and legislative branches of government, for example, and regarding questions such as whether more stringent policy coordination is required, whether we need better communication and interaction with the public, and whether we need different modes of intergovernmental cooperation.
The particular policies defining staff duties in hotels will vary somewhat, as will the moral orientations of the supervisors, and the nature of the clientele and "intruders" encountered, but from the security officer's perspective, keeping order is characterized by two major elements. The first and most apparent responsibility is that of "protecting hotel guests, staff, and property from theft or other abuse." Secondly, the security officer is expected to operate in a "public relations capacity;" to help make the guests' stays pleasant and to maintain a respectable image of the hotel. While much more important than might first seem, this second concern has profound implications for the management of trouble. ...
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The concept of 'crisis' has entered international politics as a situation jenseits von Krieg und Frieden: 'where there is a crisis, there is no war and there is no peace' (Houben 12: 2005). It is in this ambiguous space that the practice of crisis management takes place…
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