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Is the mind equivalent to the brain - Essay Example

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Have we ever asked ourselves what is the chemical structures of love, sadness, or fear It is hard to find the answer to this common question even to the philosophically sophisticated mind. The reason can be simple in a dualistic sense. We cannot put material, physical, or chemical structures upon a component entity of the mind because it is not matter and it is separate from the chemical processes that governs sensations and other physical functions of the brain and the nervous system…

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Is the mind equivalent to the brain

Biochemical processes just like energy production yield chemical compounds responsible for energy generations. Hormones are some of these chemical products of body system processes which they can associate to emotions but enough evidence is needed to show that there are variations among the same type of hormones among different individual persons. Insulin in a person can be the same insulin in another. This becomes the problem to explain emotions since this feeling varies with individuals. This is among the reasons why emotions and mind is considered to be some external factor that works in coordination with the body system such as the brain.
The argument of this essay is based on a substance dualism approach integrated with the idea that the substance of the brain and that of the mind although separate in nature works together to coordinate body functions such as digestion, circulation, hearing, seeing, and other bodily systems and integrate these with human thinking and feelings of every kind produce sensations, emotions, ideas, and even think beyond the unthinkable.
Since we accept that the mind as a ...
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