Case Study Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

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Ben and Jerry's ("BJ"), a premium ice cream and confection manufacturer, has a distinct corporate culture and vision that provides its employees with a strong motivation. The organizational goals of the company are centered on product quality, economic profitability with employee advancement, as well as a social focus of improving the quality of life for everyone; customers, stakeholders, and employees alike.


The values and goals of the company, clearly communicated to workers and the general public, motivates their employees by making a priority of respect for people, allowing individual enrichment on the job, and working in harmony with the environment.
The first characteristic of BJ that positively impacts employees is the company's respect for people. In fact, the organization specifically states that it strives to " a deep respect for human beings inside and outside our company and for the communities in which they live" (Ben and Jerry's 1). Whether through their commitment to assisting small family farms or their goal of empowering the people who work for them, BJ has an obvious corporate culture of respect for individuals. The impact of this culture cannot be underestimated. Corporate culture can be the "the hardest part of managing any enterprise...," and those companies that "know how to develop their cultures effectively enjoy significant advantages in both the productivity of their organizations and the quality of work life for employees" (Shulz 29). In the BJ mission statement, they specifically identify a corporate culture that, in part, seeks to "meet human needs and eliminate injustices" (Ben and Jerry 1). ...
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