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Judy's Marketing plan - Essay Example

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1. Given the environment where Judy lives and where she wants to establish business in. She should target the managerial and information technology professionals that live there. Being within the bracket of lower-upper and middle class social-economic status they can afford to avail the services of pet grooming/ boarding firms…

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Judy's Marketing plan

Aside from this, the major airport nearby is also a good opportunity for an additional client base.
2. There are two things that Judy has to consider in entering the pet grooming and boarding business within her area. The first one is the addition of in-house pet sitting in her service. Since Judy has an experience in this kind of job, she is qualified to attend to the needs of her prospective clients' pets at the comfort of their homes. According to Rod Scofield and Russ Mclean, pet sitting has many benefits that are fitted for Judy's market. Aside from minimizing the risk of exposing their pets to traumas and possible illnesses, the presence of pet sitters within the homes of their clients even contributes to crime deterrence in the community. Pets are given personalized and comprehensive care that is missing if they are to be groomed outside of their familiar territories. It would also give peace of mind to the clients, knowing that their pet and even their homes are safer because of the pet sitter present in their homes.
Another targeting strategy that she should do is to promote her services via the web. Since her market are web literate and experts, she has to offer her service to them through the most familiar marketing venue they know-the Internet. ...
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