Xtra’s Web Based System Project.

Case Study
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Xtra Specializes in Hollywood memorabilia. The small companies projects are Movie Posters, Signed celebrity Photos, Action Figure and Movie Scripts. The company was set up in 1960 by four movie enthusiast. Interestingly, in the 80s and 90s the company did very well in terms of sales and profit.


Company has local net worked PCs for the eight full time staff. They also have two part time employees appointed.

As the recessions took the toll of the company's revenue lately, company has decided to come up with an idea of internet web page to offer and sell all products in order to generate the income. They also aimed this eBusiness project to help collect more market data and thus improve the customer service. Keeping it in view an independent study was carried out by an external e-business consultant six months ago. The study came up with the following conclusions such as a) Staff lack the IT skills use the new system, b) Staff fearful of changes in job roles and responsibilities, c) introduction of e-business will require restructuring, d) IT system will lead to increased market share, e) new marketing strategy will be required, and f) staff afraid management may use IT system to make staff redundant.

Since the company was running in loss, the company has decided to develop a web based ecommerce platform as early as possible. They worked based on a project of designing, developing and implementing the web based business system. They raised fund allocated money for furnishing and purchasing to develop the web based system. The project plan has been presented in the following task. ...
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