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Literature and Politics

All his poems deal with disillusionment and resentment that result from participating in a war that kills many in the name of serving one's country.
Owen is also highly disillusioned by war politics and the way its affects a large percentage of younger generation that joins the war. Owen understands that politicians usually cash in on the emotions of people and urge them to join the war. But that these soldiers later find out is truly disturbing. They realize that the war they had been fighting was unjust in many ways. It results in the death of millions, most of who are of innocent people and apart from that, it also robs young people of their hopes and dreams by turning them into senseless killers.
In the poem one soldier finds himself in hell with another solider that he had killed. Though both soldiers come from different countries, their hopes and dreams were the same. They realize that despite the differences due to which one killed the other, they were still very similar in many respects.
This poem is still a great deal subtler than most other war poems by Owen. The poet has tried to propagate against war and speak about war politics but no particular nation has been targeted. The meeting of soldiers that occurs in hell can be seen as a regular meeting between any two soldiers from any two countries in the world. ...
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War poetry is always fraught with allusions to politics, cruel motives of governments and unwanted deaths of millions of soldiers. Wilfred Owen's poem are a combination of all this but still maintain a subtle touch. His primary objective is to propagate against war and this goal he accomplishes with vivid imagery, effective verses and poignancy…
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