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This paper aims to look at the single European currency, the euro, tracing its origins and the vision behind its implementation. Now, years after its adoption, this paper discusses the effects of the euro on the member states of the euro area and ultimately to international business and trade.


It also discusses the expectations that the euro area has placed on the adoption of a single currency.
Part II presents the effects of the euro in international business and trade as the second largest currency in the world economy. It also looks into the use of the euro outside the euro area and the Iranian Oil Bourse.
Part III presents differing views on the effects of the euro on the economies of the member states in the euro area. It also presents the effects of the euro on the different stock markets of the member states. Empirical data on the effects of the euro are discussed in Part IV, presenting data from 2002 to June of 2006.
Parts VI and VII looks into the stand of the United Kingdom (UK) on the adoption of the euro. It discusses the criteria set by UK which the euro has to pass before its adoption. Also discussed are the possible effects should the UK adopt the euro, presenting the differing sides of the issue.
The European single currency may trace its origins back to a the vision of an even more united Europe enjoying economic prosperity, where the people, services, capital and goods move freely across member countries. This was first translated into words in the Treaty of Rome on 1957. ...
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