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Goal Setting

I have some very lofty goals that I know are challenging but I am on the right path. Currently I am working towards becoming a Clinical Physcologist. I am attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a freshman. I am highly ambitious as I will be completing 26 credits for my 1st semester (normally coursloads run from 15-20 credits). I have sustained a high level of achievement throughout all of my academic career, my many awards and honors include Honor roll (200-2006), Who's Who Among American High School Students, High School student achievement award (2004 and 2006), Student of the month (2004), National Honor Society(2004-2006), and Kiwanis Club certificate of Scholastic achievement (2003). I have not only excelled in academics but in sports as well as participating in community service. I was awarded the Bradford athletic award for volleyball in 2003 and have volunteered at the lions club and Shalom Centre, where I have helped serving meals as well as helping those in need.
I am an excellent candidate for the scholarship awarded by the Slovak American Charitable Association. I am the third generation of my family to be a member of the "First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association". I am proud of who I am and where my family has come from. ...
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Achieveing a successful career throughout college is a challenging pursuit. There are many distractions on first arrival at college and determining what is beneficial to oneself can be a trial. This is normally the case when an individual attends college. It is their first opportunitiy to truly walk their own path…
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