Latin American Religion

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African based religions in Central America include Santeria, Vondoo, Condomble, and others. The development of these religion dates back to the time when the Africans started arriving in Central American states.


There religion developed from a mixture of African culture of the slave who had settled in the sates.
The early development of these religions was based on the need to have the Africans united in the foreign land. These realigns were based on the principle of truth, justice, righteousness, harmony, order and reciprocity. They were based on the need to have self sustainable and the notion of being self empowered in the foreign land. They had a sense of individual and communal appeal. The growth of these religions in Latin America could have followed amore direct root since most of them were prohibited. The prohibition of these religions made them stronger. They grew to be some of the most important sycretic religion in Latin America.
Due to the prohibition of the practice of these religions, they did not make a nationals appeal but remained practice mainly by the individual African community that has started them. With time they came to be indentified with the Africans an identity that remains up to date. In light of this the national suppressing of these religions was different rand therefore they remained active in the country where they were more practiced. For example, Voodoo survived the religious assault in Cuba, Brazil, Dominic Republic and other part of Central America where it is practiced to date. Condobmle survived only in Brazil where it is practices up do date. ...
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