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Included in the record are "Age range", "Disabilities", "Education/skills", "IT knowledge", "Frequency of use" and "The key interface requirements suggested by the profile".
Creation of List: - The System creates a holiday list after every insertion. The list summarizes the holidays and various packages. It also includes full customer information, information on the trade-in benefits (if any), the trade-in allowance, and information on the purchased package. The invoice may contain details of the Options selected by the customer or no options. The Options have a code. The customer choices are being put on the invoice after the Salesman fills the digital form with the code of the selected option. No selection of Code means no option has been chosen by the Customer.
Creation of Customer ID: - If the customer buys a package for the first time, his details are being recorded for future use for promoting sales. The customer is given an ID and so that the same can be used for data storage and retrieval.
Creation of list of Options with each option being given a Code: - The Dealer provides lots of options to its Customers and these can be identified through the list of features and Option Code. Each Option has been pre stored in the database. ...
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The user is a person who actually plays the role of customer interaction and negotiator. He also works as an operator and enter his details. The information about the customer has to be recorded by the customer itself. There can be more than one sales man but each of them will be given a login_id and password through which they can operate the software.
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