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Fungal genetics assignment

Some of the fungi are a good source of food, like some mushrooms. At the same time out of these mushrooms are very poisonous and an individual who eats these mushrooms s/he may end up to death if untreated appropriately. At universal level, as fungi are found almost in all types of environment and so they are an imortant component of the ecosystem where they take part in the decomposition of the deaying material. Initally, fungi were placed in the plant kingdom because of their resemblance. Later on, it was found that they are closer to animals instead of plants. But they have been separately grouped in their own kingdom (Fungi, 2006).
The Ascomycota also known as sac fungi or ascomycetes because of their morphological resemblance. Mmbers of this division form meiotic spores called ascospores, which are enclosed in a special sac-like structure called an ascus. Sseveral ascomyctes have been used for elucidating principles of genetics and heredity, one member of the group is Neurospora crassa.
In 1927, Shear and Dodge gave a very comprehensive account of fungus Neurospora. They called it with this name because of its resemblance to nerves; the striations which develop on the wall of ascospore are like nerves. ...
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A fungus is a eukaryotic organizm which receives nutrients and energy from outside through absorption of these materials. These organisms do not have a formal digestive system, therefore, the process of food digestion to a level to be absorbed takes place outside the body…
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