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Discrimination in Employment - based on Age

An important aspect of the political, economic and social programmes of the member states of the European Union is full citizenship for all citizens of the Union regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, religious beliefs or other potentially discriminatory factors.
The effects of chronological age - defined in social terms in relation to an individual's chosen or forced behaviour on the grounds of age - has been an issue of political, economic and social relevance since the implementation of the First Action Programme on Ageing, and culminates provisionally with the European Employment Directive (2000/78/EC). Legislation outlawing age discrimination in employment and vocational training has will thus come into force by this year 2006.in the European Union come into force by 2006 at the latest.
UK government policy aims to encourage older people to remain active within the workforce. This is in part recognition of the rise in longevity and the importance of living a healthy active contributory later life, but it is also to compensate for the potentially large take-up of pension benefits in the future. ...
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This study on international case law is being undertaken The objective of the study on international case law to sudy the on age discrimination in employment and vocational training. Our Endeavour is has been to collect information on the most common employment related reasons for legal action on the grounds of age discrimination.
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