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The role of the Federal Government in Education

While all of these acts were designed to improve the delivery of education, to ensure equitable educational opportunities and standardization, the more recent of them (No Child Left Behind) have aroused controversy. In essence, NCLB, among others, has been interpreted as federal intervention in state affairs. As this brief reflection will argue, however, the said intervention has the potential to be highly constructive insofar as it centralises the accountability factor.
One of the fundamental roles of government is to provide for its citizenry, so that its citizens can provide for themselves and their families without being subsidized and risk becoming socially undesirable adults. In schools, principals and guidance counsellors tend to refer to this missive as preparing students, to become productive members of society. This focus continues to spawn various enactments of laws (Sunderman et al., 2005; Kimmelman, 2006). ...
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Education is not referred to directly in the Constitution. However, there is a veiled reference in Article [X] of The Constitution of the United States of America, proposed by the First Congress on September 25, 1789, and ratified by the States, that does not give the federal government powers to govern public school education, but reserves the rights to the states respectively, or to the people (Kimmelman, 2006)…
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