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Essay example - Representatives of American Literature

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American literature is specific to the American experience. It is a subset of English Literature which in turn is subset of World Literature. There are several major movements within American literature which include Early American Literature, Gothic-Supernatural-Fantasy Fiction, Naturalism, American Realism, Modernist Literature , Science Fiction , Postmodernist Literature…

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However, the course did cover literature that when originally published was considered subversive and vulgar which have now found their way into the common American conscience and American textbooks. There are several instances where literature written at a particular time was not accepted as part of American literature until years after it was published. In many cases rejection accompanied severe criticism and cruel treatment of the author. American literary masterpieces were not born overnight but through the filters of time, reflection, and intellect. A clear demonstration of this can be seen in the prejudices applied to authors who looked for alternative narrative styles and techniques he Things They Carriedby Tim O'Brien, "That Evening Sun by William Faulkner, and here Are You Going, Where Have You Beenby Joyce Carol Oates were all criticized for unusual techniques and called unsuitable, unreadable, and unamerican when published but today represent the bulk and range of everything that is truly unique about America Literature.
"Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been" is a short story written by Joyce Carol Oates ventured into the issues of sex and violence. On the surface the narrative is fairly generic. ...
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