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Researched Thematic Analysis All in the Timing by David Ives

too Also significant to remember is that it there are usually several themes in an artistic work, all tightly woven together and inter-related--some minor--some major.
David Ives (b. 1950) attended Northwestern University where he began writing plays. He produced his first play, Canvas, in New York City with the Circle Repertory Company. He later took on a job as an editor of Foreign Affairs and eventually studied drama at Yale University's School of Drama, where he received his MFA. He is known for many successful plays including, All in the Timing, Words, Words, Words, Sure Thing, and Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread. His latest play, Don Juan in Chicago, received the Outer Critic's Circle's John Gassner Playwriting Award and a Drama Desk nomination for outstanding play. Ives also received the 1994 George and Elizabeth Martin
David Ives' All in the Timing is a contradictory and even absurd comedy encompassing six acts. The first selection is entitled Sure Thing. It is a chronicle of the possibilities that exist when two people try to have a cup of coffee together. ...
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Of All in the Timing by David Ives. More specifically it will examine and discuss one or more of the collection's central themes It will investigate what these plays say about the human condition, about certain aspects of our culture, and about language itself…
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