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Biopsychosocial Outcomes for Adopted Adolescents

This research will help to extend knowledge of adopted adolescent social interactions, and factors that may predict their relationship style. This will benefit adopted adolescent interventions to enhance their social functioning before adulthood.
This study proposes to identify a set of biopsychosocial outcomes for North American adolescents who were adopted out as children, with regards to their socio-emotional functioning. Studies show that many orphaned children raised for a time within an institutional environment often experience hardships, such as neglect or maltreatment (van Ijzendoorn, Juffer, Klein Poelhius, 2005). The children tend also to have less opportunity to acquire and practice new skills which negatively impacts on their social and cognitive abilities in later life (van Ijzendoorn, Juffer, Klein Poelhius, 2005). Research supports the conclusion that as adults, adopted individuals are more likely to experience psychopathology, and or to have dysfunctional interpersonal relationships, both of which negate their ability to develop supportive networks, feelings of belongingness and positive self-concepts that allow them to be fully contributing members of a democratic society (Nicoloson, 2004; van Ijzendoorn, Juffer, Klein Poelhius, 2005), .
Rutter (1990 as cited in van Ijzendoorn, Juffer, Klein Poelhius, 2005) suggested ...
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The proposed research will investigate the biopsychosocial outcomes for adopted adolescents in regards to their social interactions. To date, no study has looked at the combined biopsychosocial outcomes for adopted adolescents, with studies tending to focus on a solitary development system within either childhood or middle adulthood.
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