“Lu Xun” by Zhou Shuren.

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Lu Xun was the pen name of a Chinese writer named Zhou Shuren. He is one of the prominent Chinese writers of the 20th century and was even considered as the founders of modern Chinese literature.


Even Mao Zedong, a well-known and highly respected Chinese political leader, claimed that he himself is a lifelong aficionado of the works of Lu Xun. Although Lu Xun was compassionate to the ideals of the Communist, surprisingly, he never joined the Chinese Communist Party.

In several works of Lu Xun, he contrasted the hypocrisy of upper-class scholars and elites, with the suffering of the lower-class people. But the uncomplicated interpretation of his stories often neglected their uncertainty and metaphysical levels. His works that deeply influenced modern Chinese fiction are Na Han (Call to Arms) of 1923, Pang Huang (Wandering) of 1926, and Gu shi xin bian (Old Tales Retold) of 1935. His essays are often satirical in his societal remarks and with his mastery of the vernacular language; his expertise with tone, which does not always project an easy thought, make his works even harder to translate. He produced harsh condemnation of China's social problems, particularly in his analysis of the ideal Chinese national. ...
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