Nonverbal Listening Patterns Exercise

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Effective communication takes place only when one is able to grasp the non-verbal listening patterns and breathe meaning into each non- verbal behavioral pattern. An effective listener can get a cue to the mode of conversation from the body language, eye contact, gestures, voice and diction, and facial expression employed by the other during the conversation…


8). The essay makes a probe into the two Nonverbal Listening Patterns exercises that I had with my aunt (with whom I enjoy spending time) and one of my classmates named Joe (with whom I feel less comfortable). It took almost three days for me to complete the review of each of the exercise and no doubt, these exercises provided me with the necessary improvements that I need to display in my non verbal communication.
The first non verbal listening exercise reviewed here is my conversation with my aunt who never failed to show motherly affection, love and concern for me. She was always considerate for me and showed great eagerness to know how I performed in my studies. During the conversation I could maintain direct eye contact with her, which very often lasted for more than 10 seconds and this convinced me of the intimacy, interest and honesty of my conversation with her. When she enquired about my studies, I noticed that I was easily making use of spontaneous and natural emphatic gestures and facial expressions with a lot of enthusiasm. ...
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