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Essay example - Private School Education

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Private schools compel charges that are way too expensive when compared to public schools that are often completely free. The relevant issue with regards to this fact is if private schools are any better as opposed to public schools. What are the benefits then of private school education

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Students are trained and molded to be well rounded individuals since they are likely to cope up with the high demands of private school educations. Furthermore, students studying in private school institutions become more flexible provided that they have wider scopes of education program. Community service, arts participation and other special requirements to the course load of the students are also included in a private school education. Base on some studies, it is stated that private schools have more demanding graduation requirements as compared to public schools this is because students adhere to more course workloads and therefore the real meaning of hard work is as well instilled in them. The implementation of this curriculum is done in an atmosphere well conducive for learning. The class size is smaller thus teachers are capable of providing sufficient attention to the respective needs of students which also makes values integration more effective. The reason behind smaller class sizes is that private schools are more focused on the students. It is therefore their key point that private school education is individual teaching. With that, students studying in private schools are more or less perceived to achieve higher levels of student performance and scholastic excellence.
Many public schools which are located in affluent areas can be just as focused an ...
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