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Essay example - World Wide Project War

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The most powerful description of war was presented by the philosopher Carl von Clausewitz when he stated that "war is the continuation of policy by other means" <>. It is the deliberate use of force to solve political issues with opponents intended to compel them to "fulfill our will." This brutal and ugly concept remains the core of human history and social transformation that defines many aspects of the human character…

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Principally there are 3 schools of thoughts. The first one introduces the "just war" concept. The second is called Pacifism and the third is Realism. The three are totally different than each other. Pacifism believes that there is no moral justification of war. Realism on the other hand believes that there is no such thing as morals in international relations and a moral justification is not required. The only thing that matters is the country and national interests. The just war theory explains that a nation should justify the war before it wages war and it forms the basis of the present international law. Both the three ideologies play an important role in determining if a country will go to war or not, depending on the relative support to each ideology and the effectiveness of the arguments used by the leadership to rally the masses.
Let's take the war on Iraq as the main theme for this project. Pacifist, and those "just war supporters", who think that there was not any justification for launching the war are at the forefront of opposing this war. ...
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