Operations Management of Nokia

Case Study
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Nokia is a globe leader in mobile communications, energetic the expansion and sustainability of the broader mobile trade. Nokia connects people to every other and the in order that matters to them by means of easy-to-use solutions for imaging, sports competition, media, and businesses.


The commerce groups are Mobile Phones, Multimedia, Enterprise Solutions and Networks. The straight groups are Customer and Marketing Operations and Technology Platforms. The Nokia mobiles are intended to tender a wide variety of business users elastic access to Oracle Collaboration Suite, via text message, browser, or over-the-air harmonization of calendar and speak to in rank. The effect is endeavor mobility that is both influential and reasonable, enabling IT departments to offer omnipresent admittance to in sequence athwart their organization
Let's take rapid look on Operational and Logistical completion. The subcontractor will proffer straight help at all levels, primarily in areas where the Nokia not able to field worldwide staff. This will include the transport of dangerous vote materials and study of possible register and election stations, expenditure of elections staff and additional operations and logistics behavior wanted for elections foundation valuable management tool. It is based on the systematic collection of information concerning business.
Total Quality Management is a management approach that creates in the 1950's and has progressively become more well-liked since the early 1980's. Total Quality is an explanation of the culture, attitude and organization of a corporation that strives to supply customers with products and services that please their needs. ...
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