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Presentation Guideline: The Case for Electric Cars

Key point 2 - You need to drive an electric vehicle because you will be helping to reduce the global dependency on fossil fuels, which is a resource that is being depleted and cannot be relied upon forever.
Summary - This is what I told you: You need to purchase and use and electric vehicle to save yourself money on fuel, to help the planet by reducing the use of a resource that is not going to last forever (fossil fuels), and to be an environmentally responsible person.
To do - Educate yourself on the environmental impact of fossil fuel dependency and the effect of emissions and other pollutants to the environment. When you are ready to buy your next car, consider purchasing an electric vehicle.
1. Explain your plan to hook the audience and connect with them. I am going to open my presentation by asking the audience this question: If I could show you a way for you to reduce your personal monthly expenses, make a positive contribution to all the people of the world and, at the same time, help make our planet a better place to live, would you give me five minutes of your time I will answer my own question by saying "of course you would.
2. Explain your plan to make the audience feel good and remember you. I am going to smile and make individual eye contact with audience members. ...
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Preview - This is what I am going to tell you: You should purchase and use an electric vehicle because it will reduce the cost of driving for you, it will reduce the world's dependency on a depleting resource (fossil fuels), and it will be better for the environment.
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