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Toshiba BSX8R Rewritable Printer

Technology: It is using special kind of paper such as thermal paper which is used in the earlier fax machines. These sheets are made by plastic and there is a heat sensitive pigment. When the heat is about 130-170 degree, the color will be turned into white and thus the image will be erased.
The printer first introduced in Japan. And company scared about venturing it in other market. "We're going to approach customers to see if there's an interest in the technology,' said Keane, who also admitted that the technology's limitations mean it 'will never trickle down to a consumer product." (Toshiba Rewrites Printer Rules with Reusable Paper).
The company estimated they will launch the product in Europe only after the middle of 2007. And it will be done only after the critical analysis of the market and full fledged back support. "One thing that may put European consumers off is the cost. According to Toshiba's commercial manager for printers and related products, Michael Keene, the company is still some way off setting its European and UK pricing." (Barker).
Environment friendly: "Toshiba is touting reduced CO2 emissions created during the paper production process. Traditional paper manufacture and waste creates 6.5kg of CO2 emissions per 1,000 sheets, compared to 1kg for the same quantity of rewritable paper pages." (Toshiba Printer Erases and Reprints on a Single Sheet).
Since there are several problems associated with the op ...
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Product is launched in Japan in the year 2006. Toshiba B-SX8R Rewritable Printer has the unique characteristic that the same paper can be used repeatedly even up to 500 times. Thus this environment friendly gadget minimizes the wastage of paper. And the move is certainly a strategy move…
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