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Store locations

To further deal with the marketability of the location, with regards to the aforementioned pharmacy, obtaining location and marketability data from two of its branches is a perfect barometer in determining how the location of the said establishment is essential in determining the feasibility of it. This study focuses on two selected branches of Walgreens in Miami and how will those branches show profitability and compliance with several criteria on why these locations were selected among others. Furthermore, this study aims to establish that location is indeed one of the most important factors to consider in putting-up a business enterprise in dealing with the marketability and profitability of the company. By analyzing two selected branches of Walgreens with regards to location, it would be possible to track the strong and weak points of the establishment with regards to its location and how this element affects the over-all standing of a certain business.
This branch is situated almost in the center of Miami, Florida. ...
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Walgreens had established its name since 1901 if we are to deal with pharmacy, technology and convenience in meeting the demands of American Market. Several stores were installed to make the establishment accessible to the people. Upon analyzing the "niche" of the company, the stereotype that the company installs its branches in feasible areas would not be avoided…
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