Factor effecting staff turnover in hsbc call centre(uk)and how it is effected & related with job satisfaction of employee - Essay Example

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Factor effecting staff turnover in hsbc call centre(uk)and how it is effected & related with job satisfaction of employee

Furthermore, the lack of exercise and constant stress may contribute. The literature review shows a gap in recruitment and training, as well as the critical role of management and impact of globalisation on job satisfaction. The primary research approach was to use employee surveys based on components found to impact job satisfaction. This employee survey was made in triangulation with manager interviews. The results shows large inconsistencies and gaps in specific tenets of the management strategy used to motivate employees at Company A. Final recommendations seek to improve the relationship and communication between the organisation, managers, and employees with the goal to improve job satisfaction. Implementation guidelines for the recommendations include an outline of setting time specific goals.
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This paper is an analysis of Company A's retail banking call centre employees and managers. The objectives of this study are to understand the relationships between job satisfaction and staff turnover. The research seeks to understand the nature of call centre work as the environment, labour relationships, and find underlying causes for high attrition rates at Company A…
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Factor effecting staff turnover in hsbc call centre(uk)and how it is effected & related with job satisfaction of employee
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