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Goods that the British acquired from Igboland were spices, iron, palm products, timber, and elephant tusks, just to name a few. At first, the British were trading at the coast of Africa, but greed motivated them to make their way into Nigeria and take over the Igbo people, exploiting them and their resources in order to gain as much as possible (Litvack, "The Igbo People--Origins and History," 2001).
The British colonization of southern Nigeria had a devastating impact on the Igbo people. For one, it caused the clans and the villages to turn against one another. Where there was once unity, there was now dissension, disharmony, and upheaval. Their once familiar way of life was now destroyed, never to be the same again. They were forced to adapt a new way of living, be subject to new rulers, and even adhere to a new religion, which was very much contrary to what they were used to. All of these devastating effects were what was responsible for the breakdown of the Igbo people, as well as the extreme loss of identity and culture (Litvack, "The Igbo People--Origins and History," 2001).
Before the British colonists forced their religion upon them, the Igbo followed their traditional tribal religion. They believed in several gods who were led by one God named Chukwu. ...
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Before the British colonized Southern Nigeria, The Igbo people lived in harmony with one another. The community was strong, and their values meant the world to them. They were loyal to one another, and they stood steadfast to their religion and their way of life…
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