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Training and Development in UK Business

This helps the organization to train the employee while they are still performing their duties. On-work training is one of the most effective ways of helping an organization to increase the skills of its workforce. However organization can also train their employees in other institution. In this case employees are given study leave to attend training in other institutions. This is usually important when organization want to train their employees on new technology which is not readily available. There are other benchmarked ways that have been shown to be important in the training and development of the workforce that can be used by organization (Arkin 1995, p. 73).
Employees can also be trained on different issues. The kind of skills that the company imparts to its workforce depends on the line of operations. But there are general skills that any company will need to impart to its workforce including communications, customer services, respecting diversity in the workplace, ethics in operation, human relations, and others that are important in the functioning of the organization as one system. But the most important skills that any organization would like to impart of its workforce with the special skills that are used in its line of operations.
However at the end of the day there ar ...
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Training and development is an important element in the function of any organization. It is an integral part of development of human capital in any organization. It has been shown that a competent workforce is an important source of a competitive edge for an organization which cannot be replicated by other competing organizations…
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