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short article "prom promises" by amy L. best

The article is very effective, with personally observed examples and conversations with the students, in expressing the actual reasons of the failure of many prom promises. For example, it states and illustrates that "students sign this contract with every intention of violating it. Consider a conversation I had with Scott, a White student from Woodrow, about the Promise, which his school had once tried to implement, successfully..." (Bests).
The article goes on to analyze the various levels of the imposed rules in a prom promise and expatiate the view that the forced strategies of the school authorities to check the uncontrolled behavior of students are ineffective to draw any good results. The author is successful in expressing how the students respond to the rules that aim at the modification of their behavior supplementing it with the real life examples of the students of Rudolph and the like. ...
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Prom Promises - Rules and Ruling: Proms as Sites of Social Control" by Amy L Best is a celebrated article which deals with several issues of a prom promises program. In an objective, all-inclusive, and significant analysis of the prom promise lives of the adults and their attitude towards the imposed rules and regulations by their local authorities such as the schools to extract the model way of living without drinking, dancing, partying etc the article concludes that the program most often end up as forced acts good behavior which in effect fails to bring about any exact changes in the lives of the students…
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