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This essay discusses an article related to an area of interpersonal communication. 'How to Give Constructive Criticism' is a pragmatic approach to solving potential conflicts within the workplace when criticism is offered. When someone has done something that we do not like or disagree with we often feel it is important and necessary to convey this.


The writer, Chris Zervas, states that, the area of constructive criticism can be problematic as "We say things we don't mean or recipients hear more than was meant." (1) Therefore, often during constructive criticism in a potentially sensitive area such as the workplace, direct channels of interpersonal communication are not functioning correctly. The sender is communicating the wrong message, using inadequate phrasing and wrong information whilst the other participant receives a distorted or exaggerated message. The receiver subconsciously picks up another message from indirect channels of interpersonal communication. These indirect channels may include the tone of voice of the sender or his body language. The receiver may suspect that the sender has hidden motivations, revealed by these uncontrolled actions. The receiver also may react defensively as he or she may feel that their position within the work team is threatened. Chris Zervas uses his management insight to implement "skillful communication" which "can make these situations far less volatile."(2)
Zervas states that the important connotation of the senders message should make the receiver feel respected and valued, which is the converse of how criticism generally makes people feel. ...
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