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Essay example - Why is 21 the drinking age and is it in fact the the real age limit

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I think 21 is the drinking age because less people are dying in ' driving under Influence accidents' than when the age was 18. Drinking is a part of American culture just like anything else. Every country and culture across the world have their own way on drinking, and America seems to have the most…

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Plenty of European countries are extremely negligent about it, and 12 year-olds are drinking more responsibly than many 23 year-olds in the States.(Grossman, 2006) When I say drinking responsibly, I mean drinking socially, such as dropping by somewhere and having a few mixed drinks or a couple of beers or something. The irresponsible drinking is drinking just to get drunk, meaning power-hours, taking 13 shots of 151 in half an hour (not fun), and just being, well, irresponsible. The latter type of drinking, from what I've seen, is mostly done by people who have little or no experience in drinking, and the availability of it is just too enticing to pass up, since you can inebriate yourself on a weekly or nightly basis. I have nothing personal against this type of drinking, especially since I partake in it. (Dombroski, 2004) The interesting thing, to me, is that there is no argument about the health effects of alcohol. Nobody is talking about liver and kidney failure, or mental health problems due to legal alcohol consumption. I haven't seen anyone mention of drunk driving. The only things really being talked about are binge drinking, parental involvement, being old enough to fight for the country, and violence. In order to make this a complete discussion, the topics that are talked about need to be more complete. (Grossman, 2006) A lot more questions need to be asked. ...
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