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Sociological Concepts on War in the Middle East

Wars can be considered as a serious social problem as it has been responsible for many sociological issues. The wars that have been fought result in degeneration and loss of life and property. During war people become disheartened and they resort to all kinds of violations to correct the authorities in power. People become the preys of exploitation and anarchy in times of war.
The social challenges that the wars raise are matchless with out any remedies. People are grabbed by the aftermath of the war by becoming widows, orphans etc. The social threat that the war raises is dissatisfaction and degeneration of the society and people. The status of people gets degenerated and they have to suffer a lot to get out of the social evil of wars. Due to the anarchy during the times of the war people get addicted to alcohol and many other drugs. The wars that are fought in the Middle East had great lessons to teach the modern world. But people are indifferent to the adverse impacts of war. They behave as if they are ignorant of the aftermaths of the war. The loss of life and property due to never ending war is quite beyond the imagination of human beings. The paper is dedicated to the analysis of global images of sociological concepts on war in the Middle East.
Apart from war there are a number of other social problems that the word faces today. ...
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A serious social problem that people of all generations suffered is war and its repercussions. Wars have always been responsible for many sociological problems especially poverty, degeneration, tyranny, holocaust etc. War has played an important role in the total degeneration of the society…
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