Implementing Quality

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To give you a background, our company had obtained a prestigious offer from AA Pharmaceuticals to use one of our chemicals as the base for a skin care composition from their product line. As you all are aware, this offer came to our company because of several serious quality issues AA had with their previous supplier.


It has come to the notice of the management that sufficient headway has already been made in the quality control process and it is commendable that the quality issues have been taken seriously by all concerned. However since a quality audit by the clients AA of all the processes is due in the next four months, the process of ensuring a Total Quality Control should be given a top priority and hence this memorandum.
The company should be fully equipped with its quality control measures not only to satisfy the Quality Audit by the client but also to ensure that our product meets the highest quality standards not to land the client in a disastrous situation as has been done by the previous supplier of the client.
As first step to review the quality standards of the products and processes, the R& D conducted an analysis of the existing quality control measures and it is disheartening to note that several mistakes have been committed in the past by the various departments/processes of the company. Especially there were mistakes that happened in the packing, storing and shipping processes which were serious enough to make the product totally unusable in the hands of the client. ...
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