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Nutrition College

One of the most obvious problems of deficiency in the diet was in the fat group. Fat intake was less than 40 percent overall and significantly less for some specific fats. While it is recommended to monitor our fat intake, the diet that was analyzed was far too low for good health. In addition, this was in conjunction with a high carbohydrate intake that exceeded 100 percent on all 3 days. According to Teresa Gallagher (n.d.), "A diet high in complex carbohydrates and low in fat can lead to chronic hypoglycemia, and a person can develop "insulin resistance" where insulin no longer seems to work as well as it used to, and finally diabetes, in which the pancreas ceases to release insulin at all". While we may revere low fat foods and avoid many of them, taking it to extremes, such as in this diet, can lead to long term chronic health problems which may not be reversible.
Another, and more subtle problem, in the diet was the low ratio of potassium to sodium, known as the K factor. The ratio was less than .70 on all 3 days, well below the recommended level. According to Dr. ...
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A proper diet is essential in maintaining proper mental and physical health as well as helping to avoid a long-term health crisis. It may seem like we are eating a balanced diet of healthy foods, but only by carefully documenting the foods we eat over a period of time can we get a complete picture…
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