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Single Parent Adoption

In our current society, fewer and fewer American households are daresay traditional families. The stable societal changes have brought about the rise of alternative or non-traditional families, many of which include group living, unmarried cohabitation and single-parent families---all of which are mutually interdependent households, but not recognized as so by the American family law. As part of these alternative or nontraditional families, in the past decade we have begun to see a sharp rise in the number of lesbian and gay men forming their own families through adoption, foster care, artificial insemination and other means.
One reason in opposition to single parent adoptions is that it denies children from a customary two-parent family. Omission of a mother or a father could give rise to physical and emotional troubles for some kids, like one case is a review published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology was presented by Vanderbilt University asserting to illustrate that daughters without their fathers encounters puberty sooner than those girls with intimate, compassionate relationships with both parents. Advocates of single parent adoption suppose that an unbalanced or broken home could cause more harm towards a child than those of the lack of one parent (Curto, J. (1983).
A healthier home may convey more awareness to this child, which could produce an enormous difference later on with his or her life. ...
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In the United States there are many children without homes. Most of these children will be stuck in a foster home until they reach the age of eighteen and can legally be called an adult. Children are positioned inside orphanages as a result of several reasons…
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