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case studies 2

The perspective of the local residents were used to determine if there were any negative or adverse effects brought about by the distribution of the brochures.
Holding: Yes. A public is generally believed to be part of society so that there many types of publics. A group of people who share common interests that of a civic club, students in a classroom, business organization, labor union and many others is considered a type of public. These groups will comprise each a public may even be a part of a bigger public simultaneously, the citizenry. Publics may also be described in terms of geographical divisions such as the people of a town, city, county, province, state or nation. A public, according to sociologists, is a group of people confronted by an issue and who are divided in opinion about the issue. They discuss it to express their views to form public opinion. The local residents who received the brochures and viewed the brochures as obscene had a single standpoint regarding their reaction toward the unrequited receipt of the brochure and the obscenity of the pictures included in the materials.
Facts: the petitioner was an identified leader of a group named Ku Klux Klan and was very vocal with regard to his ideals and political beliefs that his speech mentioning discriminatory and derogatory remarks against Black Americans were recorded by the media. ...
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Facts: The defendant sent out unsolicited brochures depicting obscenity to several residents of the state of California. The recipients of the said materials filed complaint against the defendant due to the vulgarity and obscenity of the brochures they received…
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