Recycling E-waste An Essential Solution to a Growing Problem in Clayton County, Georgia - Essay Example

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Recycling E-waste An Essential Solution to a Growing Problem in Clayton County, Georgia

There is a shortage of existing programs and resources dedicated to such recycling and proper disposal" (Georgia General Assembly). There are hardly a few recognized, licensed re-cycling agents for electronic goods in Georgia.
This is a proposal from EFEWROPS or the "Environment Friendly Electronic Waste Recycle Options" - a non-profit organization with registered body volunteers (with plans to take in two paid workers), who possess the knowledge and expertise required for careful handling and re-cycle of electronic waste materials. This body aims to offer useful, qualitative service in the much needed arena of electronic-re-cycling by providing 1) on-site inspection services, 2) free-consultations regarding recycle options, 3) more collection centers, as well as 4) adding one more electronic re-cycling unit in Clayton County, Georgia, at a total approximate cost of $ 30,000 with aid from Solid Waste Trust Fund Program, Georgia DCA and philanthropists and private donors.
In a report titled "Is a PC landfill tax inevitable" Declan McCullagh ( 2005) cites the California Democrat Mike Thompson stating that, the about 3000 tons of obsolete electronic ...
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With computer systems pervading almost all walks of our lives, mounds of piled electronic waste are a stark reality of today. This is because, like any other functioning systems, computer systems have a life span too, and unlike other systems, the rapid transformations that are taking place in the arena of computers ensures that the systems become obsolete faster than other machines/equipment/gadgets…
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