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phenomenon of leadership

Followers respond in ways that benefit the leader. Current approach has a few dimensions that shape the concept of leader and leadership.
Leaders provide vision and direction to their followers. They provide answers to the questions, "Where are we going What are our objectives What are we trying to achieve" In some cases these objectives are modest and concrete, but in others the vision is quite grand. Some authors (Collins & Porras, 1994) have described the vision as a BHAG, a "big, hairy, audacious, goal. " It is a vision that says we are here to do more than meet our numbers or to pass the next inspection. We are here, in this group or organization, for a far grander purpose. So the vision not only provides a sense of direction, it can also provide "meaning, " or an answer to the question, "Why are we here"
A second benefit that a leader can provide is security and protection for followers. This is an important function in military contexts and also in corporate and political domains. In extreme cases leaders can place themselves in harm's way to protect followers. ...
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There are an almost infinite number of ways to study or think about the phenomenon of leadership. Some deal with the traits or personal qualities of leaders (in contrast to those of nonleaders), some deal with the skill sets of leaders, and other approaches examine the situations that elicit leadership…
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