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Book Report/Review example - Magazine Layout, Typography and Graphic Design

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Book Report/Review
Pages 11 (2761 words)
On the similarities and differences in approach to typography and layout outlined by Jan Tschichold in 1928 (The new typography: A Handbook for designers) and Beatrice Warde I 1932 ("The crystal Goblet, or Printing Should Be Invisible").
Keep everything simple to be functional…

Extract of sample

There was a man at Los Angeles International Airport who was worried about missing a plane. He had no wrist watch and could not locate a clock, so he hurried up to a total stranger and said "'Scuse me could you give me the time please"
The stranger smiled and said, "Sure." He set down the two large suitcases he was carrying and looked at the watch on his wrist. "It is exactly 5:09. The temperature outside is 73 degrees, and it is supposed to rain tonight. In London the sky is clear and the temperature is 38 degrees Celsius. The barometer reading there is 29.14 and falling. And, let's see, in Singapore the sun is shining brightly. Oh, by the way, the moon should be full tonight here in Los Angeles, and-"
You see, too much decorations can ruin the main purpose of an object. A watch is a watch is a watch. Its main purpose is to tell time and nothing more. Extra paraphernalia is supposed to enhance the specifications of the watch, not to overshadow nor understate its actual applications. Add on qualities should reinforce the usefulness of the watch as it is. The drawback of the watch, that is, its energy source contained in rather large boxes was hidden by the fact that aside from its main task to tell time; it could also serve as a barometer, thermometer, a weather forecaster, etc. ...
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