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summary of strategic strategy

For instance, Apple has gone through three different versions of the iPhone, each time introducing new capabilities into the product. Therefore, new technology can continuously be integrated into the product.
In the past five years, they have tripled their sales. Although this has occurred with the return of Jobs at the helm of Apple Jobs, like Apple, believes that innovation is very important when it comes to new products. The idea of the iphone came when Apple realized how much most and individuals did not like their cell phones. Apple saw an opportunity to make a great phone that everybody would want to use again and again. This is often how Apple comes up with ideas for products. They see an opening in the market and decide to make the best product possible to fit in with that need. Apple believes in making sure all of its products are excellent.
Furthermore, Apple wishes to inspire its employees by letting them know that they can do things the Apple they would not be able to do anywhere else. Apple also believes in hiring the best people in order to give them a piece of the business and the thin do as they please with it. They want their employees to make excellent decisions and contribute to the company overall. Furthermore, Apple police and always working hard are in hard are to make the best products possible. ...
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Apple has become so popular that the iTunes store, in February became the second largest music retailer in the United States, following a Wal-Mart. The iPod is the perfect example of how Apple has been able to make products that transcend gender, geography, age, and race…
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