The Perfect Husband

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Before a woman enters to the lifetime devotion of marriage, she has irrefutably has requirements and preconceptions on how his partner will behave in order to fulfill his role as a husband. At the very least, she expects the husband to become loving and affectionate.


As I mature, I realized that perfection can be seen on how a husband is someone who understands and provides a woman's needs and how he keeps his marital commitment, how displays sacrificial leadership.
A woman and a man have different needs which should be met by their lifetime partners. A perfect husband should be able to differentiate from his needs and his wife's needs and respond to them. For example, it is stressed that while a man's primary motivation for marriage is sexual fulfillment, a woman constantly longs for his husband's affection and love. Thus, a husband should always show his love to the wife by doing small things like sending her love notes, cooking for her, hugging her a lot, and telling her how much she means to him. A perfect husband is someone who will never think twice of giving up his machismo and show his soft side in order to satisfy his wife. He will also go the extra mile in order to show his constant love and affection.
Secondly, a husband should have a strong marital commitment. It is irrefutable that most men detest commitment and dedication but a perfect husband is someone who reaches the maturity of being accountable and responsible for his actions. Since he allowed himself to be bound by a lifetime commitment, he will make sure that he stays faithful to his wife. When the going gets tough, he stays with the wife and remains devoted to her.
The husband is often regarded as a head of the family even in this more ...
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