Aboriginal People and the Canadian Justice System

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The constitution of Canada through the constitutional act 1867 has recognized the existence of aboriginal communities or people and thus has guaranteed them rights in the constitution and in administering justice.


And further sect 35 sub sec 4 states 'notwithstanding any other provision of this act, the aboriginal and treaty rights referred to in sub section 1 are guaranteed equally to male and female.The Federal government of Canada and the provincial government are committed to the principle that, before amendment to class 24 of section 91 of the constitution act 1867 to section 25 of this act or to this part.The Ottawa project for restoration and sentencing is said to be the pilot project .it is said also to one of the several justice projects across Canada that have garnered support of the department of justice.The numerous studies, reports and justice inquires across Canada, and growing body of statistical information, confirmed that aboriginal people experience disproportionately high rates of crime and victimization are over represented in the court and the correctional system, and further, feel a deep alienation from justice system that is to them foreign and inaccessible and reflects both human and fiscal terms are seen to be exhorbitant, but also spiraling.Through persistent dialogue with various levels of government, aboriginal communities across Canada have gradually begun to explore the possibility of administering various components of the criminal justice system ...
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