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business environment

TESCO is an international grocery based industry that is based in the United Kingdom. It has various expansions such as garden centres, personal finance systems, telecoms and selling fuel.
LE-PEST C analysis is an abbreviation of legal, environmental, political, economical, social, technological and competitive analysis. The paper will mainly focus on the analysing how Tesco is influenced by the LE-PEST C external factors to find out how it manages to be competitive and open more branches world wide. Tesco has proved that it is ready to ensure that its customers receive the best services and acquire the products they need at the right time and place. It is also interested in making super profits that will enable its shareholders to benefit in earning higher dividends every year. In addition, it ensures that it follows the current human resource strategies that allow its employees to develop their careers thus improving their performance within the organisation. Over the years, Tesco has maximised in building a very strong relationship with its suppliers to ensure that they do not have problems of delivery. Tesco is characterised by having very many stores world wide and thus has employed very many people as compared to other grocery stores. ...
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For any company to succeed in attaining its objectives and goals, it is very important for it to have information on the internal and external factors that affect its achievements. These will enable the company to be aware of the immediate changes like technology and thus be ready to face the problems…
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