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compares and contrasts the interpretations of McClellans generalship

It is known that the common view in most books depict that the victory of the North in the Civil War is something inevitable due to mismanagement on the part of the South. Only few authors tackle the Civil War and the victory of the North in a perspective which emphasizes the North's dominance in terms of supplies, industrial infrastructure, and manpower.
Thomas Rowland's George B. McClellan and Civil War History: In the Shadow of Grant and Sherman and James McPherson's Ordeal by Fire The Civil War and Reconstruction are two books which completely covers the Civil War and McClellan's generalship. Thus, it is interesting to know which information about George McClellan in the two books contradicts and which facts correspond with one another.
Thomas Rowland's book revolves around George B. McClellan as a general and his contribution and role in the Civil War. Since the story revolves around him, the book covers his beginning--- from his previous work in the railroad to how he landed the position of a general in the Civil War. ...
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GEORGE B. MCCLELLAN is a popular figure in the Civil War. He had no hesitation as to his course in 1861, for he believed in the Constitution and that the Constitution had established an unbreakable Union. But he also believed that the Constitution fully guarantees states' rights; and it became more and more difficult as events progressed to reconcile the indissoluble Union with the powers possessed by the states…
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