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Assignment5 economics

The third step is to cut back the business hours. The business ethics component of this move is that if one is in the business of pharmaceuticals and health care, one risks the chance of causing damage to patients who will need your services by cutting back on the business hours. The fourth step is to close one's business for a week or two to actually take a vacation. The business ethics aspect of this decision is that if one has a pharmaceutical or health care business, one risks the possibility of causing inconvenience to one's clients. The fifth step is to bring in a family member to split the current "job load. The ethical consideration of this move is that one has to ensure that his/her relatives or siblings must do business observing fairness, honesty, transparency and accountability to government laws.
Zambia is landlocked and has a low population composed of 70 ethnic groups, many of them Bantu-speaking. The country boasts of spectacular scenery spanning the Victoria Falls along the Zambezi river, the Bangweulu Swamps and the Luangwa river valley. Millions of Zambians live below the World Bank poverty threshold of $1 a day. ...
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Based on the article on company downsizing, there are a few steps one can undertake while considering the ethical aspect of one's business decisions. First, one can hire employees to cover the store. The business ethics consideration of this decision is that one has to make sure that all the employees will be given the right salary and fringe benefits as provided by the labor laws governing the land…
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