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B&B Mobile Home Park and Rental business

B&B Mobile Home Park and Rental business is expected to plough back profit as it expects to expand its activities and invest in all positive net present value (NPV) projects such as a game room or install a small above-ground pool.
Based on an independently feasibility studies, I have targeted Oklahoma to be used as administrative office, warehousing, and dispatch unit for customers bookings. This area is unique because of its accessibility to other cities, a small community with great potentials for the mobile home business. While the season continues through out the year except a few months in between. Oklahoma is a unique destination for this business. I intend to use one or two local news paper to promote the B&B Mobile Home Park and Rental business brand and thus benefit from ancillary and auxiliary activities.
Initial funding for the project is expected to be about $100,000. Of this amount, the principal owner has contributed 13%, that is, $13000 while a bank loan of $87,000 is to be secured to cover the remaining 100% of the funding requirements. ...
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B&B Mobile Home Park and Rental business Oklahoma United States is aimed at specialising in the mobile, Home Park and rental business. The business which is expected to begin its operations in Oklahoma by the 1st of January 2009 is expected to expand its operations to other parts of the United States over the next five years…
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