My Ultimate Career Decision to Become a Surgeon

High school
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My interest to pursue medical surgery started rather incidentally. It was just another day in Anatomy and Physiology class when Mr. Snider announced the commencement of the semester's laboratory assignment. He gave the class brief instructions on what the assignment entails.


For the first few weeks, Angel and I arduously worked on skinning our cat. After every lab day session, we would wrap the skinned fur around Stinky and store her in Morgue I. However, one day, Morgue I was full, and we were forced to store Stinky in Morgue II for the night.
The next day, Angel and I quickly retrieved Stinky from Morgue II and placed her on our lab station. As I began to remove the fur, I noticed that there was something wrong with Stinky. She had a more pungent smell than usual. Then Angel pointed out snowflakes that were blossoming on Stinky's jet-black fur "Stinky, our pregnant cat, is molding" I exclaimed.
We were so devastated, we needed Stinky throughout the semester and she was already decomposing. "What are we going to do about the molding cat How are we going to fix this problem" These were the pressing questions that we asked ourselves. We had to think of a way of reducing the rate of decomposition if not stop it.
For the rest of the semester, Angel and I performed numerous surgeries in order to stop the growing mold from the decomposing Stinky. We amputated Stinky's legs, which were badly affected by the mold, endure the disgusting odour Stinky was producing and improvised a lot of laboratory procedures in order to overcome difficulties presented by the decomposing Stinky.
Despite my high school offering very few advanced courses, I grasped every challenging advanced classes offered, ...
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